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GreenStar Roof Coatings



GreenStar Coatings LLC is a roof coatings contractor, founded by David Lamouranne, based in New Orleans, Louisiana covering the Gulf South region. We have the resources, qualifications, and experience necessary to meet your Commercial roof coating needs providing One Roof For Life."

We use only the highest quality roof membrane coatings that seal and protect your roof for up to 15 years. Our philosophy is simple, focus on quality and awesome customer service. This philosophy has served us well for over 8 years and to date we have covered almost 1,000,000 square feet of membrane roof coating in the greater New Orleans metro area.

GreenStar Coatings is dedicated to providing a high quality roof coating contracting service to commercial businesss throughout New Orleans and southern Louisiana.

A Note From our Founder, David Lamouranne:

U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu says that turning all the worlds roofs white would eliminate as much greenhouse gas emissions in 20 years as the whole world produces in a year. Largely because of the urban heat islands.

In a statement, Berkeley Lab physicist Art Rosenfeld elaborates:

If all eligible urban flat roofs in the tropics and temperate regions were gradually converted to white, and sloped roofs to cool colors, they would offset the heating effect of the emission of roughly 24 gigatons of CO2, but one-time only. However, if we assume that roofs have a service life of 20 years, we can think of an equivalent annual rate of 1.2 gigatons per year. That offsets the emissions of roughly 300 million cars for 20 years.

Together with our talent, and this unique service that we offer, we all have a great opportunity to make a real difference, that produces real and sustainable results. After all, in our industry we physically make and build the environment that surrounds us.

To date we have offset7,407,790 Metric Tons of CO2 in Louisiana. Cooling the buildings of our clients such as Entergy and Atlantic Aviation at the New Orleans International Airport, G.E.,John Deere, McDonalds Corporation,HowlingWolf, andUrgent Care just to name a few.

Call us to see how we can make your building greener, healthier, and more energy efficient.

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