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NOLA Micro Schools



We believe all students are gifted with the potential to change the world.

We know that every student and parent/guardian that comes through our doors should be inspired and supported to realize their potential to change the world and that doing so in a diverse environment enriches the experience for all.

NOLA Micro Schools was created with the common belief that we need more schools in New Orleans, whose drive to excellence is powered by the unique passions, talents, struggles and curiosities of its student body. Our commitment is to provide each of those students with the means necessary to discover their own personal potential and to grow in their sense of self as they understand their abilities to be lifelong learners and changers of the world.

We prepare our students to pursue their passions and their creativity through a blending of state-of-the-art software, quest-like projects with real-world applications, Socratic discussions and apprenticeships in diverse, student-centered, multi-age classrooms.
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