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Premier Facility Services



The leader in eco-friendly services with self-evident results


Premier Facility Services is an all green janitorial and facility services company based in New Orleans, LA. All our services are designed to serve the clients specific needs and share the benefits of having an Eco-friendly service provider.

We are effortlessly building a reputation as a competent and reliable janitorial and facility service provider in The New Orleans Metropolitan area and its surroundings. Regardless of project or facility size, we at Premier Facilities Services can help you with all of your service needs. Whether you are looking for janitorial services or a temporary staff member that will work like one of your own, we are the ideal company for you. We are available 365 days a year 24 hours a day and seven days a week to better serve current and future clients.

Our carefully selected and trained staff members have all the knowledge necessary to deliver a productive, worry and hassle free service to any of your facilities. All of our site employees are carefully supervised and managed by our outstanding management team that consists of experienced individuals in the commercial cleaning and facility services field. Management team members have all been trained hands on to ensure efficiency, productivity and safety in any facility.


We all know that sharing is caring and because we care we like to share all of the benefits that come with our environmentally friendly services and practices. A lot of times organizations are unaware of how they can benefit from a company like ours so we make it a goal to share this information. The benefits from a relationship with an Eco-friendly service provider are incomparable. From the assurance of an improved cleanliness, to the improvement of the overall health and safety of your employees, visitors and patrons, we are confident that your facility can benefit from our services without compromising the quality of the services.

In our efforts to become a socially responsible company we do our best to shop with local vendors and only purchase green certified or compostable materials for all of our daily operations. We know that going green can be a challenge for any organization, but a challenge that we are willing to take on alongside any of our willing customers.


To analyze the specific requirements of every facility in order to develop and execute a strategic plan that will meet set standards and expectations of all building classes. We will demonstrate our commitment to this mission through competent and consistent performance that will bear on the length of our partnership.


We understand that all facilities are different therefore we encourage the customization of a service plan and unlike our competitors, we pride ourselves in our ability to create the right service plan specifically for your facility. With our flexible staff available to all our clients 24/7 and 365 days a year, any of our service can be delivered and executed at our clients request. Below is a list of some of our frequently requested services.

Day porter service - (Pre and post operational hours of any facility)

Floor care and maintenance - (stripping, waxing, speed buffing, floor sealing, carpet cleaning, spot removal, carpet shampooing)

Detail cleaning - (deep cleaning of any facility in which cleaning has been neglected)

Post construction cleaning- (final cleaning of any facility that has gone under, construction, remodeling or structural modification)

Office cleaning- (daily general cleaning service of office buildings)

Temporary staffing- (stewarding, custodial, food and beverage support, etc.)

Hotel Staff- (housekeepers, housemen, laundry room, lobby porters, overnight public area cleaning)

Power washing and Sanitation of dock and trash compactor areas

Labor service agreements or contracting

Convention or exhibition hall cleaning services

Pre clean up (move in and set up days)

Day porter service during exhibition or convention hours. (Trash receptacle emptying, booth vacuuming, main aisles cleaning maintenance)

Post clean up (move out and tear down days)


Assuring excellent quality service is our goal, therefore we customize a quality assurance program for each of our clients in the attempt to maintain the highest level of satisfaction. All clients have different expectations there for all of our quality assurance programs are tailored to target areas of concern that past or current service providers have not been able to redress. Every clients' quality approval is our satisfaction.

Scheduled facility inspections by PFS upper management

Scheduled walk through with property managers

Site manager and staff efficiency evaluations

Client satisfaction surveys

Monthly, facility safety plan meeting and review

Monthly, safety awareness meeting and update of new or updated changes to safety courses

Monthly and or quarterly audit of chemical handling and technical knowledge of equipment

Quality assurance programs are all designed to suit each of your facilities while keeping in mind your service needs and requirements. Every quality assurance program also serves as reassurance to our clients of the thorough training that all of our staff members have undergone to ensure a safe and adequate execution of service.


At Premier Facility Services we strive to deliver excellent quality service through our competent and extremely knowledgeable staff. Each staff member is carefully oriented and trained in each and every one of the necessary training programs to ensure the delivery of excellent quality services. Service staff is properly trained to improve efficiency and productivity, improve and develop safety awareness, to attain and improve technical knowledge of equipment and chemicals, and most importantly to refine and perfect customer service.



Premier Facility Services has implemented a safety training program that requires all employees to attend and participate in ongoing training as it pertains to safety in any facility. Our Risk Management director periodically conducts safety compliance audits to ensure that all safety procedures are implemented and practiced at all times in each and every one of our clients facilities. All clients have access to documentation that reassures the existing and current participation of all PFS employees in all available safety training programs. No matter what position within the company our employees hold, they are all required to perform and execute their responsibilities mindfully and safely around and in any of a clients property.

Serving Industries

Convention Center and Exhibition Halls

Higher Education Facilities

Medical Facilities


Retail Facilities

Commercial Office Buildings

Event venues

Stadiums and Sports Facilities

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