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"Learning to be a better negotiator means much more than getting a higher salary. It's about making conscious choices about the life you want to lead. For women especially, these moments of choice can go unnoticed. Whether you're starting a new job or navigating workplace dynamics, you negotiate every day of your career.

Negotiating is about recognizing the various factors that shape your workplace experience bonuses, staff support, a flexible schedule, to name a few. It's about deciding on and advocating for the combination that creates the ideal working environment for you. These negotiations should always be driven by what you want.

If you're a woman looking to:
  • get support in an upcoming negotiation or in career decision-making more broadly,
  • improve your negotiation skills so you feel confident asking for what you want in the future, or
  • be inspired by other women on the same path
now is a great time for us to work together. 10% off services for Business Members and Green Card holders!
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