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Learn More – Training

What is the most important asset of any organization? Your team. Study after study demonstrates that investing in your team is good for business. Investment can take many forms, but one of the simplest ways is through training.

Your business can consider training through your hiring process, by hiring graduates from specific training programs such as Liberty’s Kitchen, Café Reconcile, LA Green Corps, Café Hope, or Job 1. In many cases, these programs also have financial advantages by saving you time in your search, supporting interviewing processes, and even reimbursing for on-the-job training.

Once an employee is working with your organization, can support your company’s culture and staff commitment through professional development and other training opportunities. From environmental training about storm water management, to management training, investing in your team gives you a stronger organization.

Steamboat Natchez's Head Chef Joey La Bella, left, and Cafe Hope graduate Byron Fennidy, right, work side by side in the kitchen to prep ingredients for the day's menu. (Jessie Lingenfelter/ | The Times-Picayune)